Ecological, clean, and compliant

Fully electric and electronic. No green house gas or small particle emissions. Zero oils and other liquids to be changed or causing leaks. Compliant with Clean Vechicles and Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) Regulation directives. Plus energy performance when combined with renewable energy technologies provided by Actioneco associates, or 3rd party vendors.

Precise and efficient

With attachable accessories and precise electronic adjustment, one machine can perform the work of multiple machines with one sweep. For example, our groundskeeping models are built with electronic mowing height selection at 0.1 mm accuracy, rotation speed to fit ideally to the next job, clippings collection, and spread on fertilizing to mowe greens, fore's and Tèes by one pass.


Silent operation for convenience of operator and people nearby. Overnight silent operation without disturbing people living nearby.

Unmanned when required

Automatic unmanned operation with remote supervision enables one man to operate and supervise work of multiple machines remotely.

Simple billing

Available as a service with monthly billing.

Simple maintenance, circular economy

Modular structure with replaceable components and digital guides for quick-and-easy maintenance and repair on-site without Actioneco specific know-how. The components are replaced with new ones on-site, and old components are returned to Actioneco for inspection and reuse. Artificial intelligence based maintenance scheduling and malfunction prediction is used to keep machines operational all the time.

Multi-purpose platform

Modular structure, attachable accessories, and smart cloud services enable easy customization for multiple purposes. With the Actioneco Platform, associates and 3rd parties can extend possibilities of Actioneco machines beyond the current core product line.