Actioneco Fleet Manager

Actioneco Fleet Manager provides customers valuable functionality for managing both the Actioneco machines and the work on the field. It can be used with a web browser on both computers and mobile devices. It is also available as an application for mobile devices and Actioneco machines equipped with touch screens.

Actioneco Fleet Manager is designed to be customizable for associate requirements. Actioneco partners and associates that implement their solution on top of Actioneco platform machines, may customize also the Fleet Manager application to their own requirements either by configuration or by extending the base implementation.

Actioneco Fleet Manager provides the following functionality among other things:

  • Orders (Actioneco machines, components, and accessories)
  • Billing (payments and receipts)
  • Centralized remote configuration for Actioneco machines
  • Support requests and real-time support
  • User's guides, maintenance guides, and repair instructions. As written manuals, videos, and Augmented Reality based step-by-step guides. Together the good quality instructions and the modular composition of Actioneco machines enable easy maintenance and repairs on-site without Actioneco specific know-how.
  • Reports, graphs and analytics.
  • Optimized maintenance scheduling based on Machine Learning and other Data Science methods.
  • Route planning for unmanned machines.
  • Supervision and remote steering for unmanned machines.
  • Work scheduling and supervisioning
  • Work optimization based on Machine Learning and other Data Science methods
  • Customized partner features

Actioneco IoT

Actioneco IoT is installed on the Actioneco machine's Linux system. It enables remote configuration, remote diagnostics, remote updates, remote supervision and operation, data gathering, and Actioneco Machine UI status displays.

Actioneco Administration

Actioneco Administration is an extension of the Fleet Manager application, and it provides additional administration functionality required by Actioneco personnel and Actioneco partners.