It all started with Actioneco developed in 2005-2012. The first and still today the only one worldwide – fully electric and electronic multi-purpose greens mower with 3 All Wheel Drive, electronic traction control, and silent design. Built with electronic mowing height selection at 0.1 mm accuracy and rotation speed to fit ideally to the next job, clippings collection, and spread on fertilizing to mowe greens, fore's and Tèes by one pass.

The forefather of Actioneco was tested and exibited at trade shows and Actioneco Road Shows. Experience, comments, and advices received in 10 EU countries and USA were valuable info on design of Actioneco forerunner machines and service to worldwide markets. Present day Actioneco models are designed and patented based on this knowledge and experience.

During the Actioneco development Milja Liukkonen, M.Sc in Environmental Science, published a thesis on the environmental effects of using greens mowers on golf courses, as depicted in the chart below.