Groundskeeping models for golf courses and parks, and plentiful of ever-expanding applications and businesses. The models are currently under development. Contact us for more information.

Walk behind single

  • Quick interchangeable single reel - rotary mower built with electronic clippings height selection and automatic rotation speed change to fit the job, clippings collection and spread,
  • Automatic mower built with above solutions and special innovation on quick moving between jobs,
  • It is the base design of “ZERO-TURN MOWER” built with above features, including automatic operation.

Sit-on 3 to 5 AWD

  • Machines platforms, 3 AWD, with 2 swivel none-steerable front and 1 steerable rear wheel,
  • 5 AWD, with 3 swivel none-steerable front and 2 swivel steerable rear wheels,
  • vehicles platforms, 3 AWD and 5 AWD as reversed built or converted,
  • equipped with:

    • quick interchange of implements – attachments at front, rear, above, under and asides and rearwards battery packs and containers at top,
    • electric and electronic single rotary and reel, 3 to 5 to 7 reel and 3 to 5 rotary mowing units, verti-cutting, brushing, crush-shred etc. ever-increasing range of implements and attachments, which can perform multiple jobs by one pass.

Sit-on 7 AWD

Above with extended range and bigger ones.